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E-Learning - Care Courses

Emergency First Aid - By taking this online course you can become an Appointed Person, responsible for first aid requirements in your workplace. The role of an Appointed Person is to manage first aid arrangements in the workplace; taking stock of and refilling the first aid box and calling emergency services when an accident occurs. £35 plus vat.


Equality & Diversity - This online course will teach you how Equality and Diversity is integral to individualised care and how legislation relates to your care setting. The course explores the principles of equality and diversity and will help develop your awareness of prejudices which may affect one-on-one care and the steps you can take to reduce discriminatory practice. £30 plus vat.


Infection Prevention & Control - Minimise the risk of infection in your workplace by raising your knowledge and awareness of infections; common to the health and social care sector and the measures needed to control them. £35 plus vat.


Medication Awareness - An invaluable training resource this online course helps learners develop a clear and crucial understanding of medication. From correct dispensing and administering methods to the procedures and precautions that need to be followed, learners will gain the necessary skills to provide medication to all patients that require it. £30 plus vat.


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - Recognise the signs of abuse early and you could save someone from further harm. Abuse is a sensitive and traumatic issue for all involved, but knowing how to identify and deal with abuse is essential when entrusted with the care of vulnerable people. £35 plus vat.


Common Induction Standards - The course looks at an employee’s role and responsibilities within the health and social care sector; health and safety procedures, equality measures and their importance as well as identifying areas for their own personal development. £60 plus vat.


Communication - Increase awareness, understanding and efficiency in your workplace through effective communication. Learners who successfully complete this course will gain a clear understanding of the different ways to communicate and how to apply the techniques learned, including active listening in their workplace. £35 plus vat.


Dementia Awareness - Increase your awareness and understanding of this debilitating condition and provide better care for people living with dementia. The course will provide you with knowledge of the difficulties people with dementia face on a day-to-day basis and the challenging behaviour that can surround this condition and ways to overcome them. £35 plus vat.


Documentation & Record Keeping - Ensure your workforce complies with both legal and organisational requirements with this online course. Record keeping is an integral part of the health and social care sector. It is vital in the provision of safe and effective care. £35 plus vat.


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