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Client Guidance on CCTV


In the first instance you should make sure that your business is registered with the Information Commissionaires Office (ICO)


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The police cannot simply walk into a premise and ask for CCTV footage (unless there has been a serious crime that you are aware of), they must formally request it and you should have a record of this formal written request. We have produced a sample request form that you may adapt for use with your premises.




What ever the police may say to use your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 must be adhered to and the police also must adhere to the DP Act. You must insist that any request form is completed in full.


We recommend in all instances CCTV should be copied as soon as possible and saved even if you do not release it to the police or requesting body. By retaining a copy of the CCTV you can always provide it at a later date if required or retained. By retaining the CCTV you cannot be challenged under S19 of PACE.


We also recommend downloading and reading the Information Commissioner's Office Good Practice note for releasing information which can be obtained from our website.






Once you are happy to release evidence you should make two copies, one for the police and one for you to retain with the request form.


When the footage is handed over the officer or person who receives the footage should sign and date a receipt which should be stored with the copied discs and request form.



ICO Website Sample Request ICO Release Notes ICO View on CCTV Sample Receipt