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E-Learning - Compliance Courses

Age Verification - This course enables you to fulfil your legal requirement by providing you with a ‘model age verification policy’ and explaining the procedures you need to follow in order to verify the age and ID of young customers. £30 plus vat.


Award for Under Age Sales Prevention (AUASP) - This course teaches you about age restrictions; what they are and why we have them in place. You will also gain the skills needed to refuse underage sales confidently and understand the law and your responsibilities in regards to preventing underage sales. £35 plus vat.


Drugs Awareness - Minimise the risk to your business from drug use and dealing by ensuring your staff can spot trouble before it happens. The course looks at everything from drug classification to spotting the effects of drug use on people and is designed for everyone at all levels. £30 plus vat.


Fire Awareness - Fire safety training is essential. With our online course you can ensure a safe environment for staff and customers with minimal downtime for training. For any employee wishing to carry out the role of Fire Warden, this course develops the skills you need to enforce fire regulations within the workplace. £30 plus vat.


Food Safety - This course is suitable for all food handlers involved in the preparation, cooking or serving of food. This course is suitable for all food handlers involved in the preparation, cooking or serving of food. £35 plus vat.


Front of House Food Safety - The online course will enable front of house food handlers to conduct their day-to-day tasks effectively and minimise risk to customers. The course emphasises the role of food server, the importance of maintaining food temperatures and cleaning to protect against cross-contamination and to keep customers safe. £35 plus vat.


Health & Safety - Designed for employees working within any sector this course provides you with a basic knowledge and understanding of the principles of health and safety. £35 plus vat.


Front of House Health & Safety - Designed for customer-facing roles the course provides an overview of key legislation and details safety management processes, risk assessment, ergonomics, work station design, manual handling best practice and how to ensure you can prevent accidents in the workplace. £35 plus vat.


Manual Handling - This course is aimed at employees who have to carry out moving or lifting activities as part of their job role. It ensures employees adhere to best practice, helping to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and others in the workplace. £30 plus vat.


COSHH - Protect your business, employees and customers by maintaining a safe, healthy working environment. This course will help you recognise potential hazards in the workplace and the controls you need to prevent risk. £30 plus vat.


HACCP- Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point -  This course identifies control procedures that can be implemented in your workplace and will help you gain a thorough understanding of HACCP principles and how to apply them to your business. It is applicable to all sectors of the food industry. £25 plus vat.


Disability Awareness - The Disability Discrimination Act has been replaced by The Equality Act 2010; the implications this has for employers is outlined in the online course. You will gain an understanding of your responsibilities, whether an employee or employer, and develop the knowledge and skills to implement effective policies. £30 plus vat.


Equality & Diversity - The course looks at the principles of equality and diversity; the ethics behind it, the role the law plays and how to ensure the law is followed to create an equal and diverse workforce. £30 plus vat.


Bribery Act Awareness - Gain the knowledge and understanding needed to recognise and prevent bribery from happening, in your organisation, and how to create and implement an anti-bribery policy and risk assessment. £30 plus vat.


Money Laundering Awareness - Protect your business from being used for criminal activities quickly and with minimal downtime with our online Money Laundering course. After training, your employees will be able to potentially identify and prevent money laundering schemes by carrying out ‘fit and proper’ tests. £30 plus vat.








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