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Please feel free to download any of the files listed below. If you experience any problems downloading a file please contact us.


                                             Authorisation to sell alcohol form


                                             Custodian of Premises Licence form


                                             Basic Disclosure application details form


                                             Course enrollment form  


                                              Refusals log


                                              PASS Card recognition guide



                                                     For to use when ever CCTV is requested from the police or other authority


                                              To be used whenever CCTV is handed over


                                              Information Commissioner's Office Good Practice note for releasing



                                              I.C.O. view on CCTV in pubs




                                              Kurnia Sample Alcohol and Children Policy (21)


                                              Kurnia Sample Alcohol and Children Policy (25)







                                              Form for applying for a Premises Licence


                                              Form for applying for a Personal Licence


                                              Temporary Event Notice form


Children Policy (21) Authorisation Form Custodian Form Basic Disclosure Enrolment form Refusals Log PASS Card Guide CCTV Request Premises Licence Personal Licence TEN CCTV Receipt ICO Release Note ICO view on CCTV

CCTV Related

Sample Policies

Application Forms

Children Policy (25)