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Online learning provides a flexible solution to training, fitting courses around your daily routine. Secure logins and 24/7 accessibility ensures minimal disruption to your working day and eliminates travel costs.


We provide a range of compliance and soft skill courses that will develop yours and your workforce's abilities and demonstrate your due diligence. Handbooks are also available to purchase and act as a guide throughout the course as well as a handy reference point upon completion.


Our online course portfolio is split up into three categories; soft skills, compliance and care. All courses are interactive and use animation, graphics, gaming technology and voice-over commentary to deliver quality learning to learners at all levels.


Learning is flexible and can be completed unsupervised at the learner’s own pace. With secure logins learners can access their courses from any Internet connected computer, allowing them to complete courses during breaks or from home.


All courses meet the objectives set by awarding body Education Development International (EDI) and are updated automatically when legislation changes.


Certificates are sent upon course completion. All certificates are approved by EDI and valid for three years.


E-Learning Courses Available








E-Learning CPL2 Compliance Soft Skills Care Courses