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Pubs and other alcohol licensed premises  


In pubs and similar establishments have an automatic entitlement of up to two gaming machines (Category C or D), subject to a simple notification procedure. The automatic entitlement and licensed premises gaming machine permit will be of unlimited duration. Once you have it, you will not need to apply again unless your circumstances change.


You must comply with the provisions of the Commission’s code of practice about the location and operation of machines. Section 282 (1)-(3). A copy of a sample policy can be download from the downloads section.


Pubs which want to offer more than two gaming machines will need to apply to their licensing authority for a licensed premises Gaming Machine Permit. Holders of licensed premises Gaming Machine Permits will be required to pay an annual fee to their licensing authority.


Category C machines have a maximum stake of £1.00 and a maximum prize of £70.00


Category D machines have a maximum stake of 10p (or 30p when non-monetary) and a maximum prize of £5 cash (or £8 token or non-monetary prize)