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Premises Licences

Kurnia are able to assist you from start to finish with your Premises Licence application. We quote a one off fee so you know from the start the costs.


We shall:

- work out the most suitable application for your premises and complete and submit the application to the Licesning Authority and Responsible Authorities on your behalf


- work with your architects to ensure your plans are correct


- ensure the application and copies are served on the correct parties


- place the advert correctly for you in your local newspaper (In the East Lincolnshire region save you money as the cost of an advert can be over £120, with Kurnia we pass on the savings we have negotiated bringing the cost of the advert down, in most cases, to £50 plus vat)


- supply notices to be displayed on your premises


- liaise and try to resolve any representations and attend any hearings with the Licensing Authority if required


- track your application through the key stages


Please Note:


The holder of a Premises Licence must keep the Licence or a certified copy of it at the premises and must display a summary of the licence prominently.


The summary is produced by the licensing authority and must contain information including:


- the licensable activities and hours authorised


- the identity of the licence holder


- the name of the designated premises supervisor


The Premises Licence holder must ensure that the licence is kept at the premises under the control of either the holder of the licence, or they may nominate someone, in writing, who works at the premises to be the custodian of the licence.


This authorisation must also be displayed on the premises. Please see downloads for a sample authorisation notice.


Failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of £500.  A constable or authorised person has the power to require the licence to be produced for examination.


To supply alcohol under the Licensing Act 2003 you must either hold a Personal Licence or be authorised by a Personal Licence holder. We recommend that if you are giving authority to someone supply alcohol then you complete an authorisation sheet, a sample of which can be downloaded in the downloads section.