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Temporary Event Notices

eA Temporary Event Notice replaces the old Occasional Licences and Special Orders of Exemption. If you require an extension of hours or want to temporarily add any Licensable Activity or want to run an event away from your premises that is not covered by a Premises Licence then you will have to apply for a TEN.


Important factors to remember with TENs


You cannot have more than 15 TENs at any premises in one calendar year


A TEN can last for up to 168 hours (7 days)


The total duration of the TENs at any one premises in any one calendar year cannot exceed 21 days. Please note that if a TEN passes midnight then it counts as two days. ie. A TEN from 11pm on Saturday to 2am on Sunday will count as 2 of your 21 days.


If being submitted by the same person or associate of that person there must be at least 24hrs between each TEN


A Personal Licence holder can submit up to 50 TENs per year


Anyone else may apply for 5 TENs per year


No more that 499 people can attend a TEN. If more than 499 are expected to attend the the premises will require a Premises Licence.


The TEN must be submitted, in the correct format, at least 10 working days (ie. two weeks) before the date of the event. (You can have a Late TEN from 5-10 working days before the event. Please call for details)


A copy of the TEN must be served on the policeand EHO.


If you are asked to make a TEN application then you should check if the premises have not used all their 5 notices or 21 days before entering into any agreement.